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Brazil Extruded Fin Tube is Shipped Successfully


This order is a batch of fin tube order of a regular customer in Brazil. The customer is a local radiator manufacturer. This purchase of this batch of extruded finned tubes for the radiator. Through the cooperation in 2021, Jetvision has won the recognition and favor of customers. Since then, the two sides have started close contact, and Jetvision's business specialists have never failed to meet customers' expectations, and have consistently provided various heat exchanger products consulting services for customers.

Brazil Extruded Fin Tube Order Details:

Project location: Brazil

Product: Extruded fin tube

Standard and material: Copper alloy, aluminium alloy

Specifications: Kinds of sizes, According to customers’ request

Usage:For radiator

Inquiry time:2022.10

Order time:2023.02

Shipping time:2023.03

Estimated arrival time:2023.04

In June last year, the customer sent a product inquiry. All the products involved were our superior products, extruded fin tube and high frequency welded fin tube . In combination with the various needs of customers, our company submitted the price and scheme to customers for the first time. In order to save transportation costs, Jetvision suggested the customer the shipping plan. After accounting, it was confirmed that the plan proposed by our company was the best, and the customer was pleased to accept it, and quickly signed the intent contract with our company.

The order finished production as scheduled, but due to the advance of the terminal project, in order to support customers and transport the goods to the destination faster, we changed the mode of transportation from the original bulk transportation to container transportation, so that the shipping schedule is more stable and can reduce the damage caused to the goods during transport. At present, the fin tube order is shipped successfully.


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