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What are the Methods of Vessel Head Processing?


A vessel head is one of the end caps on a cylindrically shaped pressure vessel. We Jetvision offer kinds of vessel ends, such as elliptical head, hemispherical head, Torispherical head, etc. Do you know what are the methods of vessel head processing?

1. Cold stamping

It is a kind of pressure processing method to obtain the workpiece of required shape and size by applying pressure to the plate material with stamping die on the press at room temperature. Cold stamping vessel head has precise size, good consistency, excellent surface quality and suitable for mass production. Cold stamping process does not need fuel, which saves energy and reduces exhaust gas emission, thus reducing the impact on the environment and also on the material itself.

2. Cold spinning

Sheet spinning forming process at room temperature. By rotating the sheet from point to line and from line to surface, a certain pressure is given in a certain direction to deform and flow the metal material in this direction. Here, the metal material must have plastic deformation or fluidity, spin forming is not the same as plastic deformation, it is a complex process of plastic deformation and flow deformation, spin forming technology is not a single strong spin and ordinary spin, it is a combination of both. For spun products, except for flat bottomed vessel heads, they are generally pre-formed by pressing drum type cold stamping before spinning. Cold spinning method is suitable for manufacturing products with non-standard diameter size and can save the cost of stamping dies.

3. Hot stamping

Hot stamping forming process is easy to form by using plate thermoplastic to improve, suitable for high strength ultra-high strength steel and thicker vessel head making, due to processing by heating, fuel is needed, which has a great impact on the environment, as the plate is formed in the heated state, the performance is not uniform, there is embrittlement in the cooling process of stainless steel, it needs to be properly heat treated again after forming to restore or improve the performance. Because it is hot stamping, the expansion and contraction of the vessel head is greatly affected by environmental factors, and it is relatively not easy to control the size after the completion of hot stamping.

4. Hot spinning

It is a forming process of heating the plate to a suitable temperature and spinning it while heating. Hot spinning processing products are suitable for thicker non-standard diameter size products manufacturing, and it is easier to grasp the changing diameter size than hot stamping.

5. Splitting processing

A kind of press drum forming process, generally using cold processing, depending on the material there are also heating methods. The range of products for flap processing is generally beyond the existing stamping equipment or spinning equipment as a whole or shaped products. The products of flap processing need to make specific molds according to their shapes, and the processing cycle is generally long, so the flap processing process is chosen only under special conditions.


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