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Performance of Finned Tube


Finned tubes, as heat exchange elements, work under high temperature flue gas conditions for long periods of time. For example, finned tubes for boiler heat exchangers are used in harsh environments, high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive atmospheres, which require finned tubes with very high performance indicators.


2)Wear resistance (anti-abrasion)

3)Low contact resistance

4)High stability

5)Anti-fouling ability

Finned tubes are used in a wide range of applications. Its main purpose is to carry out heat exchange, so it is mainly installed on the surface of the heat exchanger tube to improve the heat exchange efficiency. However, for finned tubes, there are certain requirements for their performance, mainly including wear resistance, stability, etc. Especially when they are used in harsher environments, they are required to have better performance in addition to low contact heat resistance and good ash resistance.


High frequency welded spiral finned tube, as a kind of finned tube, also has a wide range of applications in electric power, metallurgy, cement and other industries. Its performance and quality, or in production, are better than ordinary finned tubes and have been improved.

So, what principles should we follow when using finned tubes for heat exchange?

When using finned tubes for heat exchange, the following principles should be followed.

(1) If the difference in heat exchange coefficient between the two sides of the tube is large, the finned tube should be installed on the smaller side.

(2) If the heat transfer coefficient on both sides of the tube is very small, you can install the finned tube on both sides, but do not install only one side, which will not have any effect.

(3) If the heat transfer coefficient on both sides of the tube is very large, do not install the finned tube.

What characteristics are needed to select finned tubes?

Finned tubes are used in a wide range of applications and in many environments, where they are mainly used in industrial production. Generally speaking, the options should pay attention to the following characteristics :

1 . Safety

This is a very important factor, this is not suitable for who can not use, can not guarantee personal safety is prohibited goods, can not be marketed, generally in the good quality of machinery factory purchase, then this problem will not occur.

2 . Durability

The next time you choose a finned tube, pay attention to the life span. The longer the life the lower the consumption rate, the slower the replacement the lower the cost, and the less money the manufacturer decides is needed, so durability is always an important factor in choosing this product.

3 . Environmental protection

Although environmental protectiveness is the same as safety, the more environmental protectiveness talks about the safety of the ambient air, so it is necessary to choose environmental protectiveness when choosing finned tubes, and the safety inspection department often checks the waste gas and drainage from the factory processing, so you cannot choose a cheap product.

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