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Good News with Malaysia Low Fin Tube Order


Low finned tubes are generally machined to form ribs with a certain height, a certain distance, and a certain thickness on the outer surface of the light tube. Finned tubes are mostly used in condensers of air conditioners and heat exchange elements of evaporators, and low finned tubes are often used in condensers.

The Malaysia Low Fin Tube Order Details: 

Project location: Malaysia

Product: Low fin tube

Standard and material: Carbon steel, Copper alloy

Specifications: According to customers’ request

Application: Used for condenser

Inquiry time: 2022.09.03

Order time: 2023.01.04

Shipping time: 2023.02.08

Estimated arrival time: 2023.02.20

This order is a batch of low fin tube from a new customer in Malaysia. The customer is mainly engaged in the mechanical equipment distribution business. He has own factory and has a strong local network. At the same time, this order has great significance in cooperation because its the first inquiry after the sales person’s postpartum return. After adapting to the dual identities of career women and new mothers, the initial purchasing has achieved good results. On the one hand, the success of the order is due to the solid professional foundation of the business specialist; On the other hand, the fin tube is one of the superior products of Jetvision Heat Exchanger part branch.

Our company has rich export experience. Meanwhile, we have many successful supplied experience in Malaysia. we got a deep impression on customer after submitted the supporting documents. At the initial stage of inquiry, other local suppliers wanted to participate in this order. After several rounds of competition, our company successfully signed a contractfor the low fin tube with the customer on January 7th , 2023.

Thanks for the customer’s support and trust, we will offer high quality and best price product and sincere service.

Heat transfer division as a branch company of Group Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co., Ltd. We are a professional supplier in key customized components of Shell tube HE. Offer one stop service to our client, main products including tube shell HE----like U bent tube, tube sheet, shell flange, baffle plate, u bend, vessel tank heads, fin tube, etc.


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