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What are the Requirements for Making a Vessel Head?


Vessel head is a component used to close the end of the vessel to isolate the medium inside and outside, also called end cap. The head of cylindrical vessel is generally a very rotating shell. According to the shape of head surface, it can be divided into convex, conical, flat and combined shape. Convex head refers to the head with convex outer surface shape, such as hemispherical, ellipsoidal, disc-shaped and spherical head without folded edge.

Do you know what are the production requirements of the vessel head? Here comes Jetvision to introduce them to you.

1.The manufacture, inspection and acceptance of end socket shall not only conform to the provisions of this standard, but also compound the requirements of drawings or technical agreement of order.

2.The manufacturing unit ofvesselhead shall establish and improve the quality system required by the relevant regulations of the compound pressure vessel supervisory body to ensure the quality of head.

3.The welding of vessel head shall be carried out by personnel holding corresponding qualification of "boiler pressure vessel welder certificate".

4.Nondestructive testing of dished head shall be performed by personnel holding "boiler pressure vessel nondestructive testing personnel qualification certificate" of corresponding type and technical level. The technical level of personnel who conducts NDT on the vessel head of analysis design shall not be lower than level II.

5.Steel plates for manufacturing dished ends shall have confirmation marks for testing and tracing. In the manufacturing process, if the original confirmation mark is cut off or the steel plate is divided into several pieces, the transplantation of the mark shall be completed before the steel plate is cut. The expression of confirmation mark shall be stipulated by thevessel endsmanufacturing unit.

6.For stainless steel and composite steel plate made dished head with anti-corrosion requirement, hard seal shall not be used as material confirmation mark and welder's mark on anti-corrosion surface.

7.For vessel ends for low-temperature pressure vessels and dished heads requiring fatigue analysis design, hard seal shall not be used as material confirmation mark and welder's mark.


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