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Preparation Work Before Tube Sheet Welding


A tube sheet is a plate which is used to support the tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger. The tubes are aligned in a parallel way, and supported and held in place by tube sheets. The tube sheet is a circular plate which is perforated so that the tubes can fit through the openings.

Do you know the preparation work before tube sheet welding? We Jetvision share something with you.

1.Clear the surface of the tube plate and heat exchanger tube ends within 100mm of the oxide film, rust, oil, water and other dirt. Low-alloy steel and carbon steel in general with wire brush, stainless steel should be used to clean stainless steel wire brush, and then wipe the bevel with acetone to remove oil.


2.After cleaning the welded parts should be assembled and welded as soon as possible, the parking time should not exceed 24 hours.


3.Check the quality and size of the heat exchanger tube assembly, the length of the tube head should be evenly exposed, there should be no unevenness, and avoid forcing the assembly to reveal the tube head. The tungsten electrode generally uses cerium tungsten electrode.


4.Filler wire before welding to remove oil and rust, clean up should be properly stored, placed in a dry place, with the use of taking. After cleaning the wire should not be placed more than a long time, otherwise re-cleaning.


5.Should be clean and windless indoor welding, outdoor welding should be set up to protect the wind shed, such as the following circumstances, no effective protective measures, prohibit welding. Positioning welding, should be used with the product formally welding the same grade of wire, using the same welding process.


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