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Problems and Solutions in the Process of Torispherical Head


Torispherical head (or flanged and dished head), These heads have a dish with a fixed radius (r1), the size of which depends on the type of torispherical head. The transition between the cylinder and the dish is called the knuckle. The knuckle has a toroidal shape.

Various production problems will inevitably appear in the process of head processing, such as pitting, scratching, bulging, deformation, orange peel, abrupt change of angle of weld ribs, etc. It is more important to solve them in time. The causes and solutions of the problems that often appear during the processing of torispherical head are as follows

(1) Pockmark: The pockmark phenomenon may be due to the pockmark on the surface of the plate itself, or it may be caused by the unclean treatment of the die head in each process of stamping, drum pressing and spinning.

Solution: The lighter pitting phenomenon can be treated by grinding, more than 0.2mm should be welded, and after welding, polishing hurry up.

(2) scratches: mainly in the handling process, improper operation caused by. For example: hook scratches, forklift scratches.

Solution: Firstly, pad protective film on the contact surface of hook and forklift and head, and after scratching, polish, weld if serious, and deal with the whole if the scratching area exceeds 25%.

(3) Bulging: caused by too small crimping force of crimping die or uneven thickness of material.

Solution: the use of professional bulge trimming machine, can not be corrected, you need to use the spin correction, little by little correction.

(4) Deformation: Due to the actual thickness of the disc and the joint itself is not the same, uneven punching force or heat treatment, hot and cold uneven and caused.

Solution: You can use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to heat the deformed head and then cool it quickly with water, or you can correct it with spinning.

(5) Orange peel phenomenon: Most of the orange peel phenomenon is due to the delamination of the plate itself, however, it cannot be observed by naked eyes and can only be found in the stamping and drum pressing process.

Solution: The shallow orange peel phenomenon can be cleaned by fine polishing, while the deeper ones need to be patched and polished again after patched welding.


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