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Philippines Extruded Fin Tube Order is Arrived Successfully


The customer of this order is from Philippines. It is afactory to make radiator. It is a newly developed customer. This is the first cooperation. The customer needs toorder a batch of extruded fin tube. Jetvision received the customer's inquiryfor the extruded fin tube at the end of September. In just one month, it captured the customer's "heart" with details, and successfully won the customer's trust in our company.

The Philippines Extruded Fin Tube Order Details:

Project location: Philippines

Product: Extruded fin tube

Standard and material: Copper+AL1060(fins)

Specifications: According to customer’s request and drawing

Application: For making Radiator

Inquiry time:2022.09.25

Order time:2022.10.28

Shipping time:2022.12.12

Arrival time:2022.12.30

During the quotation period, there were other domestic suppliers competing with Jetvision. In order to have full confidence in the success of the order,Jetvisionhad a full understanding of the customer in the early stage. While meeting the order demand and ensuring the quality, it carefully prepared two sets of plans for the customer to choose. Whether it was material, price, logistics or other details,Jetvision made a comprehensive description in the plan. After comparison, the customer recognized our scheme, also believed that our price was very reasonable, and fully affirmed the work done by Jetvision. Finally, We stood out and obtained the supply chance. The order of extruded fin tube is arrived in Philippines. Thanks for customer’s trust and support, we will not forget the original intention to provide customers with the best products and services.

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