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What's the Fin Tube?


A finned tube is a kind of heat exchange element. In order to improve the heat transfer efficiency, the surface of the heat exchanger tube is usually increased by adding fins to increase the external surface area (or internal surface area) of the heat exchanger tube, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the heat transfer efficiency, such a heat exchanger tube.

As a heat exchange element, the finned tube works under high temperature flue gas conditions for a long time, such as boiler heat exchanger with finned tube in a harsh environment, high temperature and pressure and in a corrosive atmosphere, which requires the finned tube should have high performance indicators.

1)Anti-corrosion performance (Anti-corrosion)

2)Abrasion resistance (Anti-wear)

3)Low contact thermal resistance (lower contact resistance)

4)High stability (Higher Stability)

5)Anti-dust capacity

There are many types of finned tubes, and new varieties are constantly emerging. Broadly speaking, they can be classified according to the following aspects.

1.Classification by processing technology

1)Rolled fin tube (extruded fin tube); 2)Welding fin tube (high frequency welding fin tube, submerged arc welding fin tube); 3)Roll forming fin tube; 4)Set forming fin tube; 5)Casting finned tubes; 6)Tension-wound finned tubes; 7)Flanged tube.

2.Classification by fin shape

1)Square finned tube; 2)Round finned tube; 3)Spiral finned tube (Crimped Type Fin Tube); 4)Longitudinal Finned Tube; 5)corrugated finned tube; 6)Spiral Serrated Finned Tube (Helical Serrated Finned Tubes); 7)Needle Finned Tubes; 8)Integral plate finned tubes (plate fins); 9)Inner finned tube (inner finned tube). and so on.

3.According to whether the fin material of the finned tube is the same as that of the base tube, it can be divided into.

1)Monometallic finned tube; 2)Bimetal composite finned tube

4.Single metal finned tubes are classified by material

1)Copper finned tubes; 2)Aluminum finned tube; 3)Carbon steel finned tube; 4)Stainless steel finned tubes; 5)Cast iron (cast steel) finned tube; etc.

5.Classification by application

1)Finned tubes for air conditioning; 2)Air-cooled finned tubes; 3)Boiler: finned tubes for water-cooled wall, coal saver and air preheater respectively; 4)Finned tubes for industrial waste heat recovery; 5)Other special purpose finned tubes, etc.

What is a fin tube?

Finned tubes are the main components of heat exchangers. They are a series of tubes where fins have been added on the outside to increase the contact area with the outside fluid, to exchange heat and between the fluid inside the tube and the fluid outside the tube.

Where are fin tubes used?

Finned tube heat exchangers generally use air to cool or heat fluids such as air, water, oil or gas, or they can be used to capture or recover waste heat. These heat exchangers can used in a broad range of industries including oil & gas, power generation, marine and HVAC&R.

Why is fin used in heat transfer?

Fins are extensions on exterior surfaces of objects that increase the rate of heat transfer to or from the object by increasing convection. This is achieved by increasing the surface area of the body, which in turn increases the heat transfer rate by a sufficient degree.

Why fin is used in the radiator?

Fins are used to greatly increase the contact surface of the tubes to the air, thus increasing the exchange efficiency. The cooled liquid is fed back to the engine, and the cycle repeats.

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