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High Precision Tube Sheet Processing


A tube sheet is a plate which is used to support the tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger. The tubes are aligned in a parallel way, and supported and held in place by tube sheets. The tube sheet is a circular plate which is perforated so that the tubes can fit through the openings.

In the process of tube plate processing, the accuracy of tube plate processing is particularly important, especially the tube hole spacing and tube diameter tolerance, verticality, and finish will directly affect the assembly and use performance of the equipment used.

In the circular steel plate drilled to meet the outside diameter of the tube assembled, the tube plate is a heat exchanger to play a fixed tube as well as sealing the role of the medium of the round steel, the tube will be penetrated and welded to the fixed medium.

In the calculation of fixed tube plate according to a variety of working conditions with temperature differences calculated shell axial stress, heat exchanger tube axial stress, heat exchanger tube and tube plate between the pull-off force in the need to set up expansion joints, can also set up expansion joints to thin the tube plate, but from the material consumption, manufacturing difficulties, safety and economic effects, such as a comprehensive assessment depends.

Fixed tube plate heat exchanger is commonly used in the U-shaped expansion joint, which has the advantages of compact and simple structure, good compensation, cheap price, etc..

With the large-scale chemical equipment, power stations, its tube plate diameter has become larger and larger, large tube plate is characterized by a large number of holes, dense, small aperture, deep, high precision and finish requirements.

Tube sheet is widely used in the column tube heat exchanger, large central air conditioning, boilers, pressure vessels, turbines and other industries, mainly used in chemical vessels, such as column tube heat exchanger, central air conditioning, evaporators, pressure vessels, boilers, condensers desalination, play a role in supporting the fixed column tube, the metal material makes it not only has a strong rigidity, but also has a great heat transfer performance.

Hunan Jetvision specializes in the production of flange, tube sheet, tube plate processing, mold and external to undertake mechanical processing business, processing pipe plate main equipment are Fain dual-axis deep hole drilling, Qi Yi 4 m, 5 m vertical car, 3-4 m end car, 4 m 5, 6 m CNC gantry drilling machine; Haitian 3 m * 6 m machining center; 10 m extension car, 50, 80 drilling machine, etc..

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