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Philippines Titanium Alloy Seal Rings Cooperation Again


This order is an regular customers from the Philippines, ordering the titanium alloy seal ring to seal the pressure vessels.The customers have particularly strict quality requirements for products and need quality inspection when the goods are completed. We actively cooperate with the third-party quality inspection company for testing. All the goods passed smoothly. And successfully shipped.

Project location: Philippines

Product: Titanium alloy seal ring

Standard and material: Titanium alloy

Specifications: Customization, according to customer’s drawing

Application: To seal inside the pressure vessel

Inquiry time: 2022.8

Order time: 2022.9

Shipping time: 2022.10

Estimated arrival time:2022.11

The delivery date of this batch of orders was relatively urgent. Because it is customizedprocessing products, the productiontime is relatively long. We processing points according to the quality requirements to complete production. Our company book the bulk cargo ship with ETD October. Due to the repeated epidemic, the pressure on the port was particularly serious. The originally scheduled bulk cargo ship had not been able to arrive at the port on time. To ensure that thetitanium alloy seal ringcould be delivered on time, our company contacted many parties to find suitable bulk cargo ships. Fortunately, we successfully contacted the bulk cargo ship which had been stopped in the port for more than 20 days and could not leave the port due to the epidemic,Jetvision handled the freight forwarding formalities and shipment at the first time. Despite this episode, thanks to years of resource integration,Jetvision quickly solved the shipment problem of this batch of goods. Finally, the epidemic was controlled and all the goods left the port on schedule with this bulk vessel.

A seal ring is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, usually to prevent leakage from or into the connected object when under pressure. It is a deformable material used to create a static seal and maintain that seal under various operating conditions of a mechanical assembly.Seal rings allow for less than perfect mating surfaces on machine parts, and they can fill in irregularities.

We offer kinds of material seal ring, such as titanium(alloy), carbon steel, copper(alloy), stainless steel, etc. Customization acceptable!

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