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What Are the Properties of High Frequency Welded Fin Tube?


High-frequency welded fin tubes are commonly used as heat exchange components, because they need to work for a long time in high-temperature flue gas environment conditions, such as boiler heat exchangers with finned tubes using a harsh environment, high temperature and pressure and in a corrosive atmosphere, which requires high-frequency welded finned tubes should have high performance indicators, mainly including: anti-corrosion performance, wear resistance, low contact heat resistance, high stability and anti-dust capacity.

The main performance characteristics of high-frequency welded fin tubes are:

1.Low contact heat resistance, high heat transfer efficiency and long service life.

2.High adaptability to temperature, working temperature up to 600℃.

3.Large heat dissipation area, high pressure.

4.The tube piece is firmly joined, the piece is evenly spaced, the wrinkle is small, and it is not easy to accumulate dust.

High frequency welded finned tube is a heat dissipation component made by high frequency welding process, with high heat dissipation efficiency. It is mainly made according to the actual needs of users and the actual requirements of using heating places with different processes, different sizes and different models to meet the actual needs of various fields and different users for radiators.

High frequency welded fin tube is added to the base tube radiator by welding, forming a high-frequency welded finned tube radiator. High-frequency welded finned tube radiator has excellent heat dissipation effect and can maintain the room temperature within the temperature range of the user's equipment, keeping the room at a constant temperature and enhancing the comfort of the indoor environment.

High frequency welded finned tube is a heat transfer element, and its heat transfer area is several times to dozens of times that of a light tube, which can strengthen heat transfer, reduce flow resistance, and reduce metal consumption, thus improving the economy and operational reliability of heat exchange equipment. The reason for such excellent characteristics is that the structure of the high-frequency welded finned tube is improved when the design and production is carried out. The finned tube itself is made by winding the steel strip around the finned tube and using a high frequency welding process to weld the piece firmly to the tube, which ensures the strength of the combination of the tube and fins, thus the high frequency welded finned tube has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, large heat dissipation area and long service life.

High frequency welded finned tubes are widely used in industrial and civil radiators, and coal savers in industrial boilers because of their firm joints, small contact heat resistance, uniform piece spacing, and lack of ash accumulation. High-frequency welding finned tube is actually in the steel strip winding steel pipe at the same time using the collector effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current, the steel strip and the outer surface of the steel pipe heated until the plastic state or melting, in the winding steel strip under a certain pressure to complete the welding.

It can be seen that in the process of welding treatment of high-frequency welded finned tubes, a solid-phase welding process is mainly used. It is more compared with inlay, brazing (or overall hot-dip galvanizing) and other methods, both in terms of product quality (high welding rate of fins, up to 95%) and productivity and automation. Now it is widely used in power, metallurgy, waste heat recovery of cement industry and petrochemical industry.

In general, high-frequency welded finned tube products not only have a high cost performance, but also its comprehensive indexes such as heat transfer efficiency are excellent, and belong to the selected products in the field of heat exchange. High-frequency welded spiral finned tube is used to wrap the steel strip around the steel pipe at the same time, using the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current to heat the steel strip and the outer surface of the steel pipe until the plastic state or melt, and finish the welding under a certain pressure of the winding steel strip to weld the steel strip firmly on the pipe.

High-frequency welded finned tube radiators can usually be installed in two forms, wall-mounted and standing, using certain fixed parts to fix the radiator on the wall or standing on the ground, using convection to influence the flow of indoor air, accelerate the speed of indoor air flow, exchange heat and cold air, so as to achieve excellent heating effect.

High-frequency welded finned tubes not only meet the performance requirements in all aspects, but also significantly increase the heat exchange area. From the analysis of its working principle, the product is wrapped around the steel pipe at the same time, using the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current, the outer surface of the steel strip and steel pipe is heated until the plastic state or melted, and the welding is completed under the pressure of the wrapped steel strip. We can regard this high frequency welding as a kind of solid phase welding, and this welding method has obvious superiority in both product quality and productivity as well as automation.

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