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How to Install the Vessel Head?


Product introduction: Carbon steel vessel head (pipe cap), also known as plug, cap, pipe cover, bored head, used to close the pipeline, the role is the same as pipe plug, but the pipe cap can be directly screwed on the pipe without other fittings. Caps include convex caps, cone shells, reducer sections, flat caps and tight mouth designs.

Product material and standard:

The materials of carbon steel vessel head are mainly Q235,20#, A3, 16 manganese, Q345B, No.45 steel and so on. The standards are GB/T25198-2010 (pressure vessel head standard), GB/T12459-2005 and GB/T13401-2005 for pipeline.

Special features of products:

The welding seam direction requirement when splicing is only allowed to be radial and circumferential. This requirement may be cancelled in the future for large pipe caps. Splicing distance should be required to be greater than 3δ, and not less than 100mm (welding heat affected zone is a high stress zone, and the chemical composition in the zone will have burned. So avoid the high stress zone, which is related to the thickness. (According to practical experience, the stress decay length is greater than 3δ and not less than 100mm). However, refrigeration equipment is difficult to meet this requirement and has its own special characteristics.