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What Should We Notice to Choose the Fin Radiator ?


What should we notice to choose the finned radiator? We often see computer radiators, car radiators, etc. Radiators are very common in our lives and are generally used to cool air or heat air. Finned tube radiators are also one of them, mainly used in industry.

Finned tube radiators can be used in the textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical and power industries. Points to note when purchasing

The location of the finned tube radiator is very important! A finned tube radiator is one that uses a cold medium to cool the air, or a hot medium to heat the air. The finned tube radiator strengthens heat transfer and increases heating by adding fins to the common base tube, it can use high temperature water, steam or high temperature heat transfer oil to heat the air. When cooling is required, it can use low temperature water, such as frozen water, to cool the air. The finned tube radiator is popular in industry and it is widely used by companies.

The one that is currently used more often is the steel and aluminium finned tube. There are many advantages, such as compact and tight structure, large heat transfer area per unit, etc.

When choosing a finned radiator take into account the actual use. If the requirements for thermal performance are relatively high, choose a high value of heat transfer coefficient, the better the heat dissipation performance; if the cost is taken into account, choose a finned radiator requires less metal consumption, which can reduce costs; if it is more health-conscious, we can choose a smooth appearance, easy to clean; focus on the use of time, you can choose a metal class finned radiator, the degree of damage is small, the use of years also Will be a little longer; in the use of the process we should also pay attention to its protection, so as to lengthen its use of convenience.