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Structural Characteristics of Extruded Finned Tube


The extruded finned tube adopts the form of base tube over aluminum tube (base tube can be carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, etc), which is extruded by machine to form fins, the base of which is closely fitted with the outer wall of the tube, with high heat transfer coefficient and good heat transfer performance. The fins are smooth without burrs, wrinkle-free, beautiful and bright, easy to clean, easy to clean the surface condensation water when used as components of air heaters and surface coolers, and not easy to build up dust and scale in dry heating and other occasions. The fins are trapezoidal in cross section, so the fins have high strength and expand the heat dissipation surface, thus making better use of the material.

The extruded finned tube is made of iron or copper or aluminum tube by compounding and then rolling out the fins, which has the advantages of close combination, small thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow loss, good anti-corrosion performance, not easily deformed under long-term hot and cold conditions, and long service time.