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The Connection and Difference Between Vessel Head and Pipe Cap


Vessel head and pipe cap are both seals, but in fact they are very different. To be able to better distinguish between vessel head and pipe cap, it is still necessary to compare the two systematically.

They are also used for sealing, but vessel heads are for chemical vessels and can be used on the top and bottom, left and right of the equipment, while pipe caps are generally used only on the end of the pipe and have certain limitations. It is precisely the difference in this aspect that makes the vessel head and the pipe cap very different in size, and when measuring the product size, the vessel head mainly refers to the inner diameter, while the pipe cap is worthy of being the outer diameter, so the size of the vessel head is on the large side and the size of the pipe cap is on the small side.

In addition to the difference in position and size, the thickness of vessel head and pipe cap also has great difference. In order to achieve the thickness requirement for actual use, the product should be increased appropriately when setting up production and processing, so as to achieve the required requirement and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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