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Stamping and Forming Process of Elliptical Head


The ellipsoidal head/Elliptical head is stamped and formed with moulds, some stresses will exist in the steel plate in the stamping process, and there will be relative deformation in the stamping and stretching process, so how to judge the diameter of the head accurately or not depends on how much the circumference is and whether it is standard or not.

The depth bt of ellipsoidal head depends on the ratio of long and short axis of ellipsoidal shape, i.e. the inner diameter I) of the head and the L dagger of twice depth of the head ( IJ,I2h ), the smaller the ratio, the greater the depth of the head, the even force and thin wall, but difficult to process and manufacture; the more the ratio, the smaller the depth of the head, easy to process and manufacture, but the force is poor and the wall thickness increases.