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What are the Benefits of Finned Tube Radiator?


The main advantage of finned tube heat exchangers is that they have a large heat dissipation area, but are small and light in weight.

The finned tube radiator (also known as radiator, heat sink, air heater, air heat exchanger): is the main equipment in heat exchange devices such as cooling the air with a cold medium, or heating the air with a hot medium, or recovering the waste heat from the air with cold water. Through the high-temperature water, steam or high-temperature heat-conducting oil can heat the air, through the salt water or low-temperature water cooling air finned radiator is currently widely used steel and aluminum finned tube (around the piece of steel and aluminum composite finned tube, rolling piece of steel and aluminum composite finned tube) it uses the pressure resistance of steel pipe and aluminum efficient thermal conductivity, in a special machine tool composite. Its contact thermal resistance is almost zero under the working condition of 210°C. Manufactured with steel and aluminium composite tubes it has the advantage of high cost performance that cannot be replaced by other types of finned tube radiators.

Finned tube radiators are generally used for heating or cooling air and are characterised by their compact structure and large heat transfer area per unit. It is widely used in various fields such as textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical, drying and electric power.