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What’s the Vessel Dished Heads&Ends?


Vessel Dished Head is a kind of boiler part in pressure vessel.

Vessel Dished Head is a component used to close the end of the vessel to isolate the medium inside and outside, also called end cap. The vessel head of a cylindrical vessel is generally a very rotating shell. According to the shape of the vessel head surface, it can be divided into convex, conical, flat and combined shapes. Convex vessel head refers to the vessel head with convex outer surface shape, such as hemispherical, ellipsoidal, disc-shaped and spherical head without folded edge. Some gas cylinders adopt the combined shape bottom head with convex surface facing inward, which can ensure the strength and meet the demand of safe use at the same time

A vessel dished head is a component of a vessel that is welded to a cylinder. According to different geometrical shapes, they can be divided into several kinds, such as spherical, ellipsoidal, disc, spherical crown, conical shell and flat cover, among which spherical, ellipsoidal, disc and spherical crown type vessel heads are also collectively called convex vessel heads. In terms of welding, it is divided into butt weld vessel head and socket weld vessel head. They are used for various kinds of vessels and equipment, such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, towers, reactors, boilers and separation equipment. Materials include carbon steel (A3, 20#, Q235, Q345B, 16Mn, etc.), stainless steel (304, 321, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.), alloy steel (15Mo3 15CrMoV 35CrMoV 45CrMo ), aluminium, titanium, copper, nickel and nickel alloy, etc.

Execution standards of vessel dished heads.

Pressure vessel head GB/T25198-2010

Pipeline standard: GB/T12459-2005, GB/T13401-2005

Power standard: DL/T695-1999, D-GD87-0607

Petrochemical standard: SH3408-1996, SH3409-1996

Vessel dished ends are mostly used in storage or pressure vessels in industry. These ends, which in upright vessels are the bottom and the top, use less space than a hemisphere (which is the ideal form for pressure containments) while requiring only a slightly thicker wall.

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