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Happy New Year’s Day


The new year atmosphere is full of lights and lanterns, New Year's Day represents beginning of one year. People celebrate the arrival of New Year's Day with joy. The 2021 is about to pass, and 2022 is coming. We Jetvision wish you all a Happy New Year in advance and all the best in the new year !

New Year's Day, January 1st of each year, marks the arrival of the new year and is commonly known as the "New Year" in most countries in the world. People are used to call this day the "New Year's Day", commonly known as the "Gregorian calendar year", "Yang calendar year" or "new calendar year". I don't know how you do it? Watching New Year's Eve concert with family? Still hanging out with friends? Still traveling? I believe everyone has a memorable New Year's Day. Do you know the cultural customs of the new year in various countries?

China: New Year's Day refers to the first day of January in the new calendar every year. On this day, there will be sacrifices to the gods and Buddhas, worship to the ancestors, posting spring scrolls, setting off firecrackers, killing the three living beings, eating a reunion dinner and some other customs, although not as lively as the Chinese New Year, but also contains people's good wishes for the new year. New Year's Day: The first day of the new year. New Year's Day is the beginning of the celebration of the New Year!

United Kingdom: The day before New Year's Day, every household must have wine in the bottle and meat in the cupboard. The British believe that if there is no remaining wine and meat, the next year will be poor. In addition, the custom of "pumping well water" in the New Year is also popular in the UK. People are fighting for the first to fetch water. They think that the first person who fetches water is a happy person.

Germany: During the New Year's Day in Germany, every family put a fir tree and horizontal tree, and the leaves were covered with silk flowers, indicating that the flowers were blooming and spring was full of people. Just before the New Year's Eve midnight New Year arrived, they climbed to the chair, and when the bell rang, they jumped off the chair and threw a heavy object behind the chair to show off the scourge and jump into the New Year. There is also a New Year's custom of "tree climbing competitions" circulating in the German countryside, as a stepping stone.

France: To celebrate the New Year with wine, people start drinking binge from New Year's Eve and it will not end until January 3. The French believe that the weather on New Year's Day heralds a new year. In the early morning of New Year's Day, they went to the streets to watch the divination: southerly winds, the omen winds will be smooth and rainy, this year will be safe and hot; westerly winds, there is a harvest year for fishing and milking; east winds, fruits will be high yields; north winds Wind is the year of poor harvest.

Italy: New Year's Eve in Italy is a carnival night. When the night begins, thousands of people flock to the streets, lighting firecrackers and fireworks, and even firing live ammunition. Men and women danced until midnight. Every household cleans up the old things, throws some shatterable things in the house, smashes them, and throws old pots, bottles, jars and jars out of the door, indicating that they remove the bad luck and troubles. This is their traditional way to quit the old year and welcome the New Year.

Switzerland: The Swiss have the habit of fitness on New Year's Day. Some of them go to the mountains in groups, stand on the top of the mountain to face the snow and ice, and sing a good life loudly; some ski down the long snowy path in the mountain forest, as if looking for The road to happiness; some hold stilt competitions, men, women and children go together to wish each other good health. They greet the new year with fitness.

Romania: On New Year's Eve, people erected tall Christmas trees in the square to set up the stage. Citizens were singing and dancing while burning fireworks. Rural people are pulling wooden plows and decorated with various colorful flowers to celebrate the New Year.

Greece: On New Year's Day, every family has to make a big cake with a silver coin in it. The host cuts the cake into pieces and distributes it to family or visiting relatives and friends. Everyone who ate the cake with silver coins became the luckiest person in the New Year, everyone congratulated him. 

Spain: On the eve of New Year's Day, all family members are reunited to celebrate with music and games. At midnight, the first bell at twelve started to ring, and everyone rushed to eat grapes. If you can eat 12 bells, it means that every month of the new year is all the best.

Tomorrow is 2022 new year’s day. We Jetvision wish you all a Happy New Year! Everything goes well in the New Year!

Serving the customers . We can’t forget our mission and corporate vision, and we will go further and further on the way to build the world.

We have a holiday from January 1st  to 3rd  2022 for 3 days. We will work normally on January 4th, but our business department will always be online. We are welcome to consult. Looking forward to your call. We will be at your service.

New Year, the new journey, we will continue to work hard, stay true to our original aspiration, and forge ahead!

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