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What are the Commonly Materials for Fin Tube ?


At present, the finned tubes commonly used in the market are steel finned tubes, copper-aluminum composite finned tubes, copper finned tubes and aluminum finned tubes, while cast iron finned tubes have been withdrawn from the market stage.

1.Steel finned tube

With the advantages of light weight, high pressure, low energy consumption in production, beautiful appearance, many styles and colors, the service life can be extended by sufficient water maintenance in use.

2.Copper convection finned tube

Not afraid of corrosion, but more expensive. Many consumers choose copper finned tubes because they are not afraid of corrosion and have a long service life. Copper has good thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation, high efficiency, and easy room temperature control.

3.Aluminum finned tube

Small volume, high heat dissipation efficiency, good oxidation and corrosion resistance, but easy to be corroded by alkali. At present, few users will use it well for internal corrosion.

4.Copper-aluminum composite finned tube

The advantage is that the ventilation part and the heat dissipation part of the finned tube are treated separately, bringing into play the corrosion-resistant characteristics of copper and the light weight, good thermal conductivity and easy molding of aluminum.

In conclusion, although there are many types of finned tubes, care should be taken when selecting finned tubes. The material of the finned tube should be selected according to the actual need, focusing on the quality and performance of the finned tube. From the current market situation, steel finned tubes and copper-aluminum composite finned tubes have better applications and can beautify the home environment.

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