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Philippines High Frequency Welded Fin Tubes are Shipped Successfully


All the time, Jetvision always carefully transmits the product quality, service details, technology research and development concept to customers. We firmly believe that brand effect is the continuation of enterprise value in the commercial society and can bring long-term development to Jetvision. In recent years, our company has gradually established a good reputation in the market around the world, accumulated many high-quality customers, and successfully cooperated with many large-scale engineering projects!

In late September 2021, Jetvision received an urgent inquiry from a Philippines regular customer. Products required were high frequency welded fin tubes. After communication with the customer, the customer is a heat exchanger processing factory, purchased the fin tube to make the fin tube exchanger.

At the end of October, the two sides reached a consensus on various details and officially signed the contract. The difficulty of this contract lies in the urgent delivery period, so the customer hopes all goods could be shipped within 20 days. From the moment of signing the order, Jetvision urgently locked in high-quality raw materials, worked overtime in each link to complete all works, and arranged the most suitable and fastest shipping space. Finally, all the good was completed within 15 days, leaving sufficient time for the third-party inspection company to ensure all products sold by Jetvision were high-quality products. All the good are shipped successfully according to the original plan .

Jetvision once again proved himself with practical actions, making customers feel the speed of China and the efficient service of Jetvision. Contribute to the road to "made in China".