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What Should We Pay Attention to the Performance of Fin Tube?


There is a lot of knowledge about finned tubes, such as finned tube heat exchange and finned tube heat exchanger, so for us, there is still a lot to learn, not just stay on the previous knowledge.

Currently, finned tubes are very widely used. Its main purpose is to perform heat exchange, so it is mainly installed on the surface of the heat exchanger tube to improve the heat exchange efficiency. However, for finned tubes, there are certain requirements for their performance, mainly including wear resistance, stability, etc. Especially when they are used in harsher environments, they are required to have better performance in addition to low contact heat resistance and good ash resistance.

High-frequency welded spiral finned tube, as a kind of finned tube, also has a wide range of applications in electric power, metallurgy, cement and other industries. Its performance and quality, or in production, are better than ordinary finned tubes and have been improved.

So, what principles should we follow when using finned tubes for heat exchange?

When using finned tubes for heat exchange, the following principles should be followed.

(1) If there is a large difference in the heat exchange coefficient between the two sides of the tube, the finned tube should be installed on the smaller side.

(2) If the heat transfer coefficient on both sides of the tube is very small, you can install the finned tube on both sides, but do not install only one side, which will not have any effect.

(3) If the heat transfer coefficient on both sides of the tube is very large, do not install the finned tube.