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Advantages of Using Laser Welded Finned Tubes


Laser welded finned tube in the process of use is mainly used for civil wall-hung boilers, industrial boilers, etc., in the operation is mainly the use of its foreign technology, its main advantage in contact with the thermal resistance of zero, the whole equipment compared to high-frequency welding has a large finned ratio, light weight, assembled heat exchanger volume compact characteristics, more energy efficient and environmental protection, to meet the emission requirements.

Laser welded fin tube in the production of its domestic finned tube is very many kinds, in the operation of the group is mainly high-frequency welding finned tube, in the process of operation, although it is compared with inlay, brazing and other methods, in terms of product quality and production automation are more, but due to the root of high-frequency welding finned tube is difficult to weld through and the root has creases and other factors, resulting in high-frequency welding finned tube in the heat transfer efficiency and There are still many shortcomings in the convenience of anti-dust accumulation. In view of the above reasons and in order to respond to the policy of energy saving and emission reduction.

1.The thickness of the base tube can be 0.8-1.5 mm, and the thickness of the fins can be 0.3-1 mm in the process of operation, which greatly saves the cost of materials when operating compared to other processes.

2.The high welding head rate of laser welded finned tube can prevent the gap corrosion in the process of operation, effectively prolonging the service life and reducing the heat transfer heat resistance.

3.Laser welded finned tubes need to break through the material restrictions, in the use of its different materials for processing.

4.Laser welded finned tubes are easy to be processed twice and can be directly coiled and bent.

5.Small heat-affected zone of welding and small metallographic changes make it possible to process small diameter finned tubes.

Heat exchanger tube and condenser tube material, should have the heat transfer performance, good corrosion resistance, scouring resistance, wear corrosion performance, also should have good strength and stiffness and plasticity, easy to process manufacturing.