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The Philippines Shell Flange Order are Shipped Successfully


At the end of June 2021, regular customers in Philippines called Hunan Jetvision and expressed that they needed to customize a batch of shell flanges for making heat exchanger. As it was made heat exchanger, the high quality is important. In view of this situation, we repeatedly confirmed the design drawings of the shell flanges and material requirement with the customer, and checked the details for up to many times later.

Although the process of confirmation and verification was complicated, Hunan Jetvision strove for progress while maintaining stability, orderly promoted the preliminary work of the order. Depend on previous cooperation with a meticulous and patient attitude, the customer trusted the ability of Hunan Jetvision in integrating resource and decisively signed a contract with us. In the production stage, we sent professional technicians to supervise the manufacture on site. In order to ensure the quality required by customers can be achieved, technicians carried out strict quality control for each production process, so that the actually produced flanges fully met the requirements of customers. Our quality control was not limited to the production process. In the initial raw material preparation stage, we arranged a third party to inspect sample raw materials, including chemical composition and mechanical properties. In the finished product inspection stage, we once again arranged a third party to conduct test, All inspections successfully achieved the third party's standard.

We sent the product photograph and various test data to the customer at first time, and the customer was full of praise for the third-party inspection results and finished product photograph. At present, all products have set sail for the customer's destination.