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The Welding Method for Collector and Manifold Pipe in Heat Exchanger Industry


Heat exchanger industry manifold as the connection of each loop heating pipe supply and return water distribution, water collection device, is a device in the heat exchanger system, playing the role of fluid transportation hub. According to the use is divided into two parts: water distributor and water collector. The water distributor is in the water system, used to connect the water distribution device of the water supply pipe of each heating pipe. Water collector is in the water system, used to connect the return pipe of each heating pipe water catchment device.

In the equipment piping design and installation need to consider the pipe sealing performance, water pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., generally using argon arc welding process to meet the above requirements.

The welding machine as a whole adopts modular design, rack type positioning, compact structure, easy to install and use, strong reliability; water, electricity and gas internal transmission, external wireless pipe winding; substrate using water-cooled mode design, connected to the water-cooled torch makes the temporary load rate of the welding pliers greatly enhanced, long time continuous use of the welding pliers do not heat up, enhance the continuous working time; special machining process can make the welding pliers more solid and durable, not easy to deformation, German imported parts, precision and stability.