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What are the Processing Methods of Tube Sheet?


Tube sheet is a kind of fitting that is drilled on a round steel plate with a hole slightly larger than the outer diameter of the tube, and the tube is welded into it and fixed. The tube sheet is generally used in tube heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, steam turbines, large central air conditioning and other industries. The material of the tube plate will be selected according to the use of different circumstances. The inspection of the tube plate includes the hole position, hole diameter tolerance, hole finish, and the presence of burrs, etc.

Tube sheet hole processing: the pipe sheet used for three or four types of pressure vessels requires high precision, the traditional hole processing method is the clamp scribing, rocker drill holes. In recent years, with the enlargement of chemical vessels, the diameter of the tube plate is also increasing, the thickness is also gradually thickened, the tube plate processing also introduces CNC technology, now commonly use CNC drilling machine to lead the hole with the rocker drill to do hole processing. The use of machining centers to do high efficiency and high precision hole processing is also gradually accepted by some large enterprises. At present, the demand for large and heavy pipe plate in the field of nuclear power, seawater desalination, and central air conditioning heat exchanger is showing an increasing trend.

Heat treatment processing: Heat treatment is a metal thermal processing process in which the metal material is heated, insulated and cooled in a certain medium to control its performance by changing the metallurgical structure of the material surface or inside.

What are the processing methods of tube sheet?

1. The traditional processing method of the tube sheet: Although the processing process of each manufacturer slightly different, but in general, nothing more than, first scribe (because the lines drawn into a grid, called the grid line), proof punching point, with a small drill drill small holes, and then formal drilling, if the hole wall finish requirements, but also reaming, and finally chamfering. This process, first of all, the scribing, if the standard tube plate (honeycomb) is okay, if the graphics are complex, the scribing is very difficult. Besides, the operator drills holes with a rocker drill, adjusts the positioning of the rocker arm, then drops the drill bit, then raises the drill bit to readjust the positioning of the rocker arm, drilling a hole to do several actions, and the labor intensity of the operator is large and inefficient. In a word, the traditional pipe plate processing method, low precision, time consuming, laborious, making the pipe plate processing become a bottleneck in the whole production process, when talking about the pipe plate processing, people straight frown.

2. Advanced tube sheet processing methods: one of the main problems that restrict tube plate processing is the problem of equipment. In the traditional tube plate processing, the rocker drill is its main equipment. Due to its manual operation characteristics, the operation method is relatively fixed, and it is difficult to have the potential to explore. Although it can be used to improve efficiency by drilling die and other methods, it cannot solve the fundamental problem. Only from the equipment to think of ways to solve the problem at the root. Foreign pipe hole processing has been commonly used multi-axis CNC drilling machine, no longer use the rocker drill, CNC plane drilling machine can replace manual scribing, drilling, can greatly improve processing accuracy and efficiency. China has also begun to realize the localization of such drilling machines in recent years, but most manufacturers of products, the bed is small (2m ~ 3m), the spindle (1 or two) is not much. Can not process large pipe plate. Can not completely replace the imported products. Therefore, for the requirements of high precision processing of large pipe plate (more than 7m), can only go abroad to process. And imported CNC machine tools, expensive, long installation period, not easy to maintain, and not necessarily suitable for China's national conditions. People urgently need domestic machine tool manufacturers to produce super-large CNC drilling machine to meet the needs of the pipe plate processing manufacturers.