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How about Stainless Steel U Tube Welder?


Heat exchanger because of its special structure, the body of a large number of stainless steel heat exchanger tube, the end of the U-tube and straight pipe connection, taking into account the reliability of the connection, more pressure resistance, impact resistance better welding process. However, in the face of the dense pipeline layout, narrow pipeline gap, want to quickly, efficiently and reliably fill wire welding, not to mention the appearance of the weld mouth whether clean, just the welding operation is completed in a short time is very difficult.

With the help of automatic welding and equipment manufacturing technology, the U-tube automatic welding machine adopts compact design and can easily weld in the middle of dense pipes. The welding process is fully digitally controlled and intelligently operated with push-button operation, which is easy to learn and master for those who do not have basic knowledge of welding. The small arc welding equipment frees human hands and brain, making the welding work easy and efficient, and the internal and external quality of the weld seam reaches the level of fine welding.

With it, the level of welding work no longer depends on professional welders, and the parameters of the welding process are recorded in print, which also facilitates the management of production work. At the same time, the welding process adopts self-melting welding of pipe materials, which ensures a clean and pollution-free welding process and indirectly improves the quality and life of products.

U-tube automatic welding machine is widely used in heat exchanger, air conditioning and refrigeration, instrumentation, aerospace and other U-tube welding fields.