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  • Inspection and Maintenance of High Frequency Welded Fin Tube


    How to check and maintain the high frequency welded finned tube?When the outlet temperature of the finned tube's feed gas is higher or lower than
  • Classification Method of Flanges


    Flange, also called flange disk. Flange is a part of interconnection between shaft and shaft, used for connection between pipe ends; it is also used for flange on the import and export of equipment.......
  • The Role and Efficiency of the Overall Finned Tube


    The finned tube is a wear-resistant, new and highly efficient heat exchange material, which is an energy-efficient heat exchange element in the process of use.......
  • What are the Processing Methods of Tube Sheet?


    Tube sheet is a kind of fitting that is drilled on a round steel plate with a hole slightly larger than the outer diameter of the tube, and the tube is welded into it and fixed.........
  • What are the Main Roles of Finned Tubes?


    The finned tube is usually a device for converting heat power, increasing the area of heat, which is used in many devices in our life, and is designed with an intelligent image to achieve a better protection........
  • What are the Main Production Processes of Flanges?


    The production process of flange is mainly divided into four kinds: forging, casting, cutting and rolling. Casting flange, the shape and size of the blank is accurate.........
  • What Characteristics are Needed to Choose Finned Tubes?


    Finned tubes are used in a wide range of applications and in many environments, including mainly in industrial production. In general, the options should pay attention to ........
  • How to Maintain the Finned Tube?


    The routine maintenance of finned tubes is an important basis to ensure and extend the life and avoid accidents. Without normal maintenance, finned tubes will not only leak, but also explode.........
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