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  • What’s the Elliptical Head?


    A vessel head is a sealed vessel, a fastener in its own right, and plays a very large role.
    So do you know about the elliptical head? Do you know what kind of part it is? Jetvision share something with you.
  • What is a Pressure Vessel Head?


    What is a pressure vessel head? A head is one of the end caps on a cylindrically shaped pressure vessel. The inward pressure of each type of head determines the range of its use.....
  • The Use and Welding of High Frequency Welded Finned Tubes


    High frequency welded finned tube is one of the spiral finned tubes currently in use. It is a heat dissipation element that is improved by high-frequency welding for the shortcomings of string and winding fins.......
  • Advantages and Scope of Application of Finned Tubes


    The integral finned tube is a wear-resistant, new and highly efficient heat transfer material, and is a highly efficient energy-saving heat transfer element in the process of use. The equipment mainly uses a high......
  • What are the Characteristics of Tube Sheet ?


    What are the Characteristics of Tube Sheet? The characteristics of the tube sheet is the number of holes, dense, small diameter, deep, high precision and finish requirements.....
  • How to Maintain the Elliptical Head ?


    Elliptical head is also known as ellipsoidal head. Theelliptical head is a head composed of two parts: rotating elliptical spherical surface and cylindrical straight section. Elliptical heads are widely used in petroleum, electronics, chemical......
  • What are the Main Uses and Functions of Tube Sheet?


    The tube sheet, which is a round steel plate with a slightly larger hole drilled in it than the outer diameter of the tube, is a round steel that plays a role in fixing the tube in the heat exchanger as well as sealing the medium.......
  • How to Install the Vessel Head?


    Carbon steel vessel head (pipe cap), also known as plug, cap, pipe cover, bored head, used to close the pipeline, the role is the same as pipe plug, but the pipe cap can be directly screwed on the pipe without........
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