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Company Profile

Thank you for visiting the website of Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co., Ltd. and giving us the opportunity to be your trusted partner.

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co., Ltd., with Industrial Materials and medical equipment products as the core business,Ithas six major product branch company, divided into  heat ex-changers,carbon steel, stainless steel, Tungsten carbide , medical devices and lubricant products. Main products are: Heat ex-changer tube sheet, U bent tube and shell flange etc; carbon steel pipe and pipe fittings; stainless steel products and Nickle Alloy Steel;  tungsten carbide products and all kinds of medical products.

The company has established a wide range of international sales network ,large quantities products are supplied to the Southeast Asia,Middle East, Africa and America, Australia ,Europe and other regions. They are mainly used in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, nuclear power, paper making, marine vessel metallurgy , new energy sources and food industry etc. Such as Water Pipe Line in Oman,City Construction in Kuwait,Southern Project In South Africa,etc.

Meanwhile, To enhance quality control , We has approved by quality system ISO 9001.

Heat transfer division as a branch company of Group Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co., Ltd. We have grown to be a professional supplier in key customized components of Shell-tube HE .Offer one-stop service to our client,main products including tube-shell HE----like U tube, tube sheet,shell flange,baffle plate etc.

We have served various industries spanning from chemical,HVAC, district cooling, power, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, palm oil , food & beverages and many others.Together with our experienced technicians and engineers, we develop and manufacture products of the highest quality according to our customers needs. Our vision is guided by market to provide efficient heat transfer technology solutions to meet clients needs.

We believe that, service and communication are key factors to build the business relationship. Therefore, we are always response the customers’ inquire promptly and try our best to meet customers’ request. At last, we hope we can have opportunity provide our service and build the business relationship with you!

We are dedicated to Work, Technical Excellence and Quality Products. We insist long-term stability, quick decisions, lasting relationships, and an unwavering commitment to quality, service and innovation. We assist our customers in sourcing multiple commodities, adjusting their requirements to obtain the best pricing, increasing their product offerings, and securing the most reliable deliveries.